Bill Lawrence Pickups Information Page

This is a Bill Lawrence USA Pickups portal for electric and acoustic guitars. 
If you are looking for the number one pickup that leading electric guitar players have used and are still heavily using, check out our most popular items.
Guitarists include Dimebag Darrell in his Dean From Hell guitar, and Nuno Bettencourt with his Washburn N4 guitar.

Shop for the Bill Lawrence L500XL Hot Humbucker Electric Pickup.

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Here’s a listing of some Bill Lawrence acoustic guitar pickups and products:
sound hole pickups for acoustic guitars A-245C A245C A-300 A300 A-345 A345 A-345C  A345C  A-345SS A345SS A-400 A400 FT-145 FT145

Side by side humbucker pickups single blade: L-250B L250B L-500 L500 

We are reintroducing our L-500 / L500 colored Bill Lawrence pickups. Our selection includes the following colors: Black, cream, blue, red, yellow, and green. We also offer these in zebra form where customers can email specific  requests.

The Strat (Stratocaster) Pickups: S1 S-1 S2 S-2 S3 S-3  and the Tele (Telecaster) Pickups: T-1 T1 T-2 T2  single coil vintage Fender style guitar pickups. The highest quality based on the first Broadcaster made in 1948 and the original magnet alloys.